Spigot PetZ 1.1

Happy little Pets jumping around their owners

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    PetZ - Happy little PetZ jumping around their owners

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  2. Hi ! :)
    How to feed Pets ?
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  3. Right now it is not possible to feed the PetZ.
    However some PetZ will steal food out of the owner's inventory.
    (That's one the characteristics a PetZ can gain on leveling-up)

    But feeding the PetZ may be something I consider adding in future updates.
  4. Looks like this will be a nice plugin!
    How do players choose a different pet if they don't like the one they clicked on?
  5. [​IMG]
    Also is there a way to limit how many characters a name can have?
  6. Thank you for the feedback and suggestions!
    The idea is that the player should bind to the pet they choose. But if you want to change the type of the pet you can either edit the JSON -file with the corresponding UUID in the PetZ-plugin folder or just delete it and reload the plugin.

    Right now the is not a way to limit the length of the pet's name. But that will be something I am going to add in the next update.
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    Feature Update

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  8. Hello I have a problem that it spawns only head of pet