PEX Color Codes in Prefixes Shift Tab List

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  1. So I installed PermissionsEx on my server, and I have been using it to create prefixes for different ranks on my server. The ranks that I'm currently using for prefixes are "Member", "Trusted", and "Owner". The "Owner" prefix isn't a problem because I'm the owner, and my username is short enough for this to work.

    Two of my friends have usernames that are more than 14 characters. The first is "StoleYourSpinner" and the second is "MagicalDirtBlock". They have the "Trusted" prefix. I've discovered that if you put any amount of color codes (including bold/italics etc.), the usernames in the Tab list will be cut off to only 14 characters long, making the usernames read as "StoleYourSpinn" and "MagicalDirtBlo". The prefixes don't appear in the tab list, which is fine, but if I try to make the prefix yellow, bold, or put &r at the end of it to make their usernames back to white, it will still cut off the usernames.

    The only way that I can make it so that the usernames fit in the Tab list and also have prefixes is to make it so that there aren't any color codes in the prefixes, which creates an undesirable look in the chat, making an all white "TRUSTED StoleYourSpinner".

    If anyone has a solution to this problem, please reply! A likely fix that I've thought of is to maybe try different prefix plugins, but I can't find any good ones.
  2. What version is your server?
    It seems like it's 1.7 as 1.7 has a 16 character scoreboard limit. If it isn't, try buying AnimatedNames as I believe that allows up to 32 characters. :)
  3. Use name tag edit for prefixes in tab
  4. My server is currently running 1.11.2, and I hope to upgrade it to 1.12 once the plugins are updated for it too.
    I would buy AnimatedNames but I currently haven't got any budget for buying plugins.
    I have tried using NameTagEdit but I can't really get it to work the way I want it to, because the names still get shifted over in the tab because of the PEX prefixes.
  5. Bump because problem still hasn't been solved. I'm interested in trying to get NameTagEdit to work with PEX at the same time, can someone please help?