PEX & Dchat setup - $5 + Free Donor Rank

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  1. I basically need someone to help me configure my pex/deluxechat plugins to make when players donate the following (basically setting up weights properly):

    There chat goes from
    [Prestige #] [A-Free] Name >>

    [Prestige #] [A-Free] Name [Donor rank] >>

    While being a donor, you still need to be able to use /rankup, and rankup from a-free and be able to use all the permissions, and still be able to rankup.

    For Deluxechat, if a player has a nickname, I would like it to be the following

    [Prestige #] [A-Free] Nickname >> / [Prestige #] [A-Free] Nickname [donor rank] >>

    instead of

    [Prestige #] [A-Free] Name >> / [Prestige #] [A-Free] Nickname [donor rank] >>

    Make sure you use the double arrow sign (already in the config) than two single arrows (>>)

    The person who gets the job is required to do this in CONFIG's only, sent in either pastebin/hastebin. You will not be given op on the server nor access to our network's control center. The configs shouldn't take more than the entire day to make.

    Giving the person who can complete this for me Dealer rank on server + $5

    Please PM me for contact. I'll be online for the next few days before I go on vacation. I'd like this completed very soon.
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  2. Bump - Reward now $30.
  3. With groupmanager you can add a suffix ingame.
    Pex also has:0/ pex user <user> suffix [newsuffix]

    For the Nickname try {DISPLAYNAME}
  4. I'd say, if you're using deluxe chat so you can use deluxe tags, just remove deluxe chat, and disable deluxe chat in deluxe tags. Then use essentials chat because it makes it a lot easier to setup chat. If you need help, I'd be happy to come on your server and show you how.