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  1. I need help with my ranks.. my brain is totally fried up as I spent the last 30 minutes trying to find the solution to my yaml pex permission file. Please if anyone could find the problem to this it would be great... I know its something with my rank: '' thingy but I don't know what it is!

    Here is the pastie

    check against here. It tells you where the error is.

    The first error that it spills out is in the group Knight. the "rank" thing is moved in too far. should be on the same depth as the prefix

    did not checked if there are more issues but that tool will help you out iron out the issues
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  3. ERROR:

    while parsing a block mapping
    in "<unicode string>", line 43, column 7:
    prefix: '&7[&9Knight&7] &f'
    expected <block end>, but found '<block mapping start>'
    in "<unicode string>", line 44, column 9:
    rank: '900'
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  4. Ok so the rank thingy is too far, I'll check if that works be back in 2 mins
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  6. Hap


    Your rank needs to be aligned with your prefix.
  7. Another question about pex . When you make a rank and promote users.... say if they donated for elite ( the highest rank) and then they donated for legend out of nowhere after that. How would I be able to promote them to legend with a command other than pex user group add legend... because that adds a group and doesn't remove the elite group.
  8. I kinda figured that out but thanks for the input :p
  9. I think if you have your weight set up (lower ranks = higher weight) correctly, then you should be able to use /pex promote
  10. if you do pex user xxx set legend you set his group to legend he will then lose all the other ranks me thinks

    I never worked with rank ladders in PEX but looking at the wiki it could be

    pex promote <user> <ladder>

    while ladder is the name of the rank ladder of your donators
  11. No, it keeps all the other ranks I tried this before and it did. I will also try the ladder thingy so brb again for another 5 minutes!
  12. pex user xxx group
    add yyy will do so.
    pex user xxx group
    set yyy will / should not keep other ranks
  13. Thank god I read your post... so that means that promote does the same thing as pex user xxx group set yyy?
  14. Probably yes. However you do not need to lookup yourself what the next rank is. If you just use promote it will put it in the next higher one and demote will put it in the next lower one

    But never really worked with ladders in PEX as I am no PEX fan so I am not 100% sure. Just the way I understand the commands
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  15. You are a hero.. Truly without you I would be banging my head for days.... TY dude I love this community so much.
  16. We all love spigot ;)
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