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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by kylesteruk, Jun 23, 2016.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I haven't used PEX in a while and have forgotten how to do a certain command!

    Basically I have a prison server and I am using PEX and Herochat plugins. For example: I have a rank [A] prisoner who has donated for say, '[God]'. I then want to add him to the group '[God]' while remaining at the rank '[A]' - Only gaining the commands and perks of God but remaining the rank/prefix [A] - Allowing them to continue rankiing up through the prison.

    After doing this I am fine with setting up a suffix so that the donor rank '[God]' can be displayed at all times next to their name but the main issue is, what command is it I use (Tried /pex user [user] group add [group]) and that didnt work! Totally confused...

    And I some what recall when looking in my PEX file I remember seeing a perm node which had something followed by .[the rank name] which obviously acted as some for of inheriting the permissions from the rank

    If anyone can help - it would be very much appriciated!!!!

  2. with the command /pex group <Group1> parents set/add <Group2> You can inheritance permissions to another group. That means Group 1 Have now all Permissions from Group 2.

    with the command /pex user <Player> group set <Group> you can set the player group
  3. So for example shall I type in /pex group A parents add God?

    these are not the names of rank officially but simply an example :)
  4. Yes. if you wanna add more parents use add. if u wanna set 1 parent use set :) @kylesteruk
  5. Okay this isn't what I wanted. I didnt want the actual group to inherit these commands from other ranks, I just want the USER to inherit the commands from another rank while being [A] :p
  6. Just use /pex user <player> group add <group>. And you done because it still keeps the other groups the player was in and it doesn't delete them.
  7. I tried this as that is the command I thought I used before but it actually removes them from say, Rank A straight into that rank :/
  8. chatex is a plugin
  9. Anyone know what the start of the permission node is to add a group to a single players permissions?
  10. you need for chatex chatex.allowchat
  11. /pex user NAME add PERMISSION
  12. and prefix with /pex user name prefix [PREFIX]
  13. Okay guys I resolved it but faced with another issue....

    Using the command /pex user USER group add GROUP

    Does work and does what I was looking for... However....

    When looking at the perms in the file it seems that unders 'groups:' both groups appear and the donor rank overlaps in, making the prefix change. However if set back to their original rank they still keep the other ranks permissions as the old rank now overlays the donor rank - allowing them to use the /rankup command on my server as they should

    Does anyone know how to resolve this issue of overlapping?
  14. use for player to group /pex user NAME group set GROUP
  15. Thing is... using buycraft it only picks up on their name so I am only able to use command /pex user [USERNAME] group add GROUPNAME

    I cannot set them to a certain group as buycraft will not know each and everyone of their ranks
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