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    I'm having trouble I need a gap inbetween [helper] and the { User } does any 1 know how to do this ? thanks
  2. When you add the prefix, use /pex user L0ngSh0t prefix "&7[&dHelper&7] ". Add a space between the prefix, and the ". The space makes it so the username is separated from the prefix.
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  3. It works if I do it in the config
    but I don't want it in the config as when I add a group to players they keep there default prefix
  4. Add a &r to the end of the prefix, that should do it.
  5. Didn't work
  6. Hey,
    use /pex user L0ngsh0t prefix "&7[&dHelper&8] &e"

    with friendly greetings
  7. Sorry I wasn't more clear. You do the "prefix: 'Ranks &r '". That's how I have it in my config and it works.
  8. I would do it like this: /pex group admin prefix "&7[&dHelper&8]&e &e"
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  9. why double &e ????
    you must use /pex group GRUPPE prefix "&7[&dHelper&7] &e"
  10. I do so since i know pex. Idk why.
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  11. You don't Must this Twice.
    All after the First &e is already yellow.
  12. Iv worked out the issue :) &r works and leaving a gap then &e works as u see I have the &k on the outside iv simply moved it into the inside and now there is a gap :D