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  1. Hello I have a server and I have a VIP rank. I don't know how to set up the durability of the group. For example: when somebody buys VIP, from that moment he will have the rank for 1 month. I am using PermissionsEX and I don't know to to achieve this Please Help.

    Thank You
  2. @bertik I don't think its possible to do this with just PEX.

    One way which I think is the easiest would be to use enjin, which will allow players to buy a rank, and then you can set how long a player will have that rank for before a command is run that demotes them back.

    So you could do something like:
    On purchase: Command: /pex promote <User>

    And then set it for 1 month and the command run would be
    After one month: Command: /pex demote <User>

    However, you will need to own an enjin website, and have the shop and plugin made.

    There might be a better way to do this, I am just saying what I think is the best way, and what I know.
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  3. The way that I did this on my server was through Enjin as the user above my suggested. This means you'll need your own Enjin site, and you'll need to setup your server's store through Enjin. I'm sure BuyCraft has a similar function if you are already using that.

    If you need any help setting this process up feel free to message me privately and I'd be happy to help you.
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