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  1. So I had Pex working fine then I did of editing to the permissions file to add perms to ranks and what not then after joining the server and doing /help it comes up with a message asking if Pex is enabled.. Here is the permissions file, can someone let me know what I did wrong? Thanks
  2. None of us would be able to tell.
    Please post your config on
    or use the [code=YAML] and [/code].
    I'd prefer using hastebin tho.
  3. I added a pastebin link
  4. I tried to put code in Pastebin and Spigot [code] before and both of them showed some spacing errors even tho I fixed it, hastebin didn't show the spacing errors, so I'll try to fix ur code now.
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  5. thnx
  6. I'd prefer you use LuckPerms, I can provide you with everything you need for this plugin transition.

    If you really wish to continue with PEX, I'll get someone else to save you cuz you may have messed the config up too much.
    { @Tanguygab , save me on this one pls i beg }

    As for LuckPerms, here's my essay I did just months ago:
    Download LuckPerms v5 for SPIGOT here: LuckPerms | An advanced permissions plugin | Spigot (Click)

    Take a look at your old commands and switching to LuckPerms' commands:

    All the information is in the github wiki too :)

    Add Prefixes:

    The priority/weight must be set with the same priority/weight that is already tied to your rank, priority/weight is the same thing as rank: "100" in PermissionsEx, just that a weight of 0 means lowest weight.
    100 means highest.

    This is something I really want everyone to know : Don't change "default" rank to Member, it will lead to tons of weird problems and confusion.

    I pinged my lifesaver, just hope that he summons himself to this thread.
    If you wish to use LuckPerms just reply here so that he doesn't waste his time modifying the config for no reason.
    But if you wish for easier transition, you may also still get him to complete the config then you can use the in-game command /lp migrate PermissionsEX to migrate all your permissions to LuckPerms.
    (The PermissionsEX Jar and Config will all have to be there and in working condition while doing this).
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  7. You forgot a LOT of - before the permissions and the groups, (it was a pain to fix) this config should work now:
    But as IAmAGuest said, you should use LuckPerms, it's easier to use and instead of modifying permissions in the config file, you will have a Web Editor where you can edit them. if you have any problem with it, make sure to read LuckPerms' Wiki and if you can't find the answer, join its Discord (on the plugin page)

    If you wish to migrate all your PEX permissions to LuckPerms, check this
    (by the way, before migrating, update your PEX permission file with the hastebin link I sent or it will throw an error)
  8. I don't suggest LuckPerms, simply because PEX has 0 bugs, is very reliable and every plugin has support for it.
  9. Just why LuckPerms? Idk what's so good about it tbh
  10. There's way more features than PEX or any other plugins
    /lp editor, lets you edit your permissions on an easy to use editor
    /lp tree, find "almost" every permissions from the plugins on your current server
    /lp verbose, find easily permissions used in a time (for example, I type /spawn, it will show the permission needed to execute this command)
    You can use it on Bungeecord,Bukkit,Spigot,Nukkit,Sponge,PaperSpigot,Velocity and probably more forks
    It's frequently updated
    You have a lot of config options like changing the storage method
    There's a wiki to find infos about something in the plugin
    And there's a discord server with people willing to help you
    (probably more, but these are the main things about LP)
  11. Thanks for the help
  12. Who uses pex in 2020 lmao
    use luckperms
  13. -.- Problem solved, you don't exactly have to copy answers and add a useless comment of no use to it.
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