pex not loaded

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  1. so hello guys
    im running a 1.8 spigot server
    this is my plugin list
    i dont know why it doesnt work
    your help will help<=== LOL
  2. we don't simply need the list of plugins. The startup log that includes the error is needed as there it says why it is not loading up
  3. here it is thanks for the insert
  4. If you look at the Log it states

    Code (Text):

    [*]Caused by: org.bukkit.configuration.InvalidConfigurationException: mapping values are not allowed here
    [*] in 'string', line 3, column 16:
    [*]        permissions:
    So your permission file is screwed up

    paste it in here. it'll tell you were exactly the errors are if it is more than just that one to fix your file
  5. thx man realy realy appriciate it i was forgeting
    default: true
    i just put

    default: true
    my godness
    thanks man u are the real MVP