*PEX not working when adding permissions*

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  1. Ok so after I created all permissions I noticed i had my prefix missing so i did /plugins and PermissionsEX was red PERMISSIONS:
    default: true
    schema-version: 1
    - '*'
    prefix: '"&0&kasd&6Owner&0&kasd'
    name: Itz_Wizard
    prefix: '&2[&6Admin&2]'
    name: Tonivcy
    - '&2[&4Admin&2]'
    name: KittenGamer5
    prefix: '"&2[&4Admin&2]'
    prefix: '&2[&6Co-Owner&2]'
    name: Cherryskies
    prefix: '"&4[&5PlotLegend&4]'
    name: Krispykreme73
    prefix: '"&2[&4Mod&2]'
    name: donutgirl456
    prefix: '&2[&4Admin&2]'
    name: ItzFrog
  2. you have a huge amount of problems with your user section, make sure you have all the rank prefixes '[RANK]'
    because some of your its like '"[RANK]' or just missing the '
  3. So when i nick the command is /pex user itz_wizard &2[&6Owner&2]
  4. In my opinion this is a very messed up permissions file. I like to organize mine like this.
  5. Also instead of putting their names in the user section I would promote them via in game. To do so you would use the command "/pex user {name} group set {Name of group}"
  6. Thank you, i will see more as my server hosting website is back up, I may have fixed the problem thanks again :)
  7. Please repost your permissions.yml on pastebin, it makes it easier for to to find what is wrong and make sure the document has correct indentation. Just give us the link if you want.

    I'll take a look if there's still any issues and will fix what I can and will also reduce your file size by grouping some of the permissions (does not remove functionality).
  8. Ok, nothing was different when i logged back on so i will do as your cammands! :3
  9. Hey, because you didn't post the pastebin I just used a template and just transferred your default rank's perms into it. I also just added other ranks for your other staff members on your server. I have given staff member the ability to use all commands using the '*' node, if you don't like this, its easy to change. Furthermore, I set you as the owner, to promote other people to the other ranks use the command /pex promote {USER} because I have utilised the weighting system. You may have to do this command a few times for you to get someone to the rank that you want them at and just use /pex demote {USER} to derank them. File attached, rename it as permissions.yml and overwrite or edit your old file with this file.

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  10. EVERYTHING yall have said helped me inch by inch so thanks again for fixing my problem!! :0