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    Hi! I have pex perms on my server and I am sad to find that it doesn't save (well it does). I use EssentialsX kits and when I add the kits and setup everything for essentials.kits.(kit name) and it works for the duration of the server uptime then after I safely restart the server or do the command /pex reload, all the saved changes just disappear. It shows as a pex permission even after I reload and the file stays the same yet I dont have the permissions to use the command even if it shows in commands.yml that I have those permissions. i am really fustrated if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated!
    Paste Bin Link:
  2. Give them permissions to use Essentials kits, from the paste bin it looks like you've only gave them access to speccific kits and not the actual kit command itself
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    but they can do the command /kit and they see the universal kit I made but just not the kits I have specific for the "PvP server" which is a problem
  4. I'll tell you why it's broken, the first part of your yaml is flawed, there's a missing space or something. I'll post you a fix when I get back.
    From "groups:" to "mvp:", that patt isn't being recognized.

    EDIT: Never mind, your entire permissions.yml is messy.
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  5. I'd prefer you rewrite your permissions file honestly, without editing permissions.yml itself, you have messed up the entire permissions.yml to a point where I don't even know how to help you organise back.
    If you want an easier way, use LuckPerms instead, and hopefully you'll be able to migrate using /lp migrate PermissionsEx (Keep the Jar and Folder while migrating)

    If migrating won't work, then you have to do it the hard way, use LuckPerms' web editor to add multiple permissions and groups.
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  6. I can help you do up your old permissions again, but it may expire. Use it quick, install LuckPerms and use that command as console or OP.
  7. I've removed a few permissions that don't make sense: for example, permissions.demote.<ladder>, that doesn't make sense as there is no such permission, to add "ladder" in LuckPerms, it's a TRACK.

    Download LuckPerms v5 for SPIGOT here: LuckPerms | An advanced permissions plugin | Spigot (Click)
    Download LuckPerms v5 for BUNGEE here: LuckPerms | An advanced permissions plugin | Bungee (Click)
    I've completed your permissions, run this command ingame or console as OP:

    /lp applyedits n2lSiYOh0p
    /lp applyedits ZIgBSDxdPF

    Take a look at your old commands and switching to LuckPerms' commands:

    Create a "ladder" with a track like this:

    Then add the LuckPerms permissions to the group you want:
    Permission node to add:
    - luckperms.user.demote (demote)
    - luckperms.user.promote (promote)

    Add Prefixes:

    The priority/weight must be set with the same priority/weight that is already tied to your rank, priority/weight is the same thing as rank: "100" in PermissionsEx, I've set the weight according to how high the ranks are already, so use the same ones.
    Default - 1, MVP - 2, Mod - 3, Manager - 4, Owner: 5

    Don't change "default" rank to Member, it will lead to tons of weird problems and confusion.
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    You know you can edit your old posts, right? You don't have to keep posting replies lol.
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    Hey, sorry for the late reply. I will see if Luck Perms is what I want, thanks for the help!