Pex question

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by _Burnt, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Alright, this might not at all be complicated.

    I'm running a network. We have Factions / Prison / KitPVP (I know, so OP).. Anyways.. the ranks that I want global are donation ranks. Factions has their own set of ranks (1-70) while Prison obviously has different ranks. Now, I don't want 1-70 being in Prison, much like I don't want A-Z being in Factions.

    I could only find posts mentioning how to do global ranks via sql, and server-based ranks via file backend.

    This even possible? Would it be better possible if I ran two permissions programs? Say:

    A-Z ranks = zpermissions (EZrankup used)
    Staff + donator ranks = permissonsex (sql backend)

    1-70 ranks = zpermissions (EZRankup used)
    Staff + donator ranks = permissionsex (sql backend)

    Would that work out better? Not even sure if it's possible to run two different permissions systems.

    Sorry, just cannot think of a way around this right now.
  2. EDIT: Think I'll just go with two different permissions plugins.