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  1. What is the difference between
    /pex user playername group set ExampleGroup


    /pex user playername group add ExampleGroup

  2. MikeA

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    Pretty sure 'set' puts them in a single group, and 'add' adds them to an additional group so they will be in multiple groups.
  3. so if i wanted to have players rank up id do set instead of add, since the higher ranks would inherit the lower ones...
  4. iMC


    ./pex user {name} group set {groupname} puts them in a single group and ./pex user {name} group add {groupname} adds them to a group without removing them from a previous one.
    So if you DO NOT want players to inherit their previous rank you would use /pex user {name} group set {groupname}.
  5. I rather do inheriting seems easier. I just wonder if you do group add will it replace the prefix or will it be buggy, cuz ive tried it once, it did not replace the prefix even though they belonged to 2 ranks.
  6. iMC


    Well, on my server, it replaces the prefix. If you DO want ranks to keep perks/commands from a lower rank, inheritance is the way to go, also helps keep the config nice and clean.