Spigot PEX-Rankup 2.3.5

A lightweight rankup plugin designed for PEX based prison servers.

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    PEX-Rankup - A lightweight rankup plugin designed for PEX based prison servers.

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  2. if u could hook this into feather-boards ill love you long time, i only like this type of rankup system because its so easy to reset all users back to A
  3. I'll see what I can do. FeatherBoard seems like a very large plugin and it might take some time to learn the API. I've personally never attempted any plugins with regular ScoreBoards so this might take a bit longer than usual but I'll definitely look into it. Thank you for the reply and for downloading. I appreciate it.
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  4. so when ranking the starting rank and last rank are defined threw pex weights?
  5. I'm not sure what you're asking from your question but I can tell you that this plugin does not involve pex weights at all.
  6. Yea once I downloaded it and loaded the files I seen how simple it was haha. Anyways exactly the type of plugin i was looking for!
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  7. Can you add a "/rankup list" command to players see the ranks and the price ?
    Thanks :D
  8. First time using the plugin and it's not appearing to broadcast a message when a player ranks up, but only shows in the console. Using latest Spigot (1.8). Thanks.
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  9. Add /ranks which displays ranks :)
  10. (please) :p
  11. Hahaha please, but as you saw I did do a smiley face :)
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    PEX-Rankup v1.2

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  13. That's already a feature in essentials. Go in their config and look for a property that says something like "show-display-names". By default is it commented out, but if you remove the # symbol next to it, then it will be enabled and it'll show the rank in the tab list.
  14. Thank you :) I enabled them but my prefix didn't show up in tab..
  15. Are you sure you enabled the right thing? I'm talking about this:

    # Disable this if you have any other plugin, that modifies the displayname of a user. change-displayname: true
    # When this option is enabled, the (tab) player list will be updated with the displayname.
    # The value of change-displayname (above) has to be true.
    change-playerlist: true

    If that doesn't work, it may be something wrong on your end (maybe a conflicting plugin) because it works for me.
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  16. While this suggestion sort of builds onto the plugin rather than maintaining the same idea, I believe it would be a useful feature to add a "/setrank" command for administrators to use. It shouldn't be too much of a change based off of the code already written, and still keep it pretty lightweight. Possibly add the custom commands sent to server in this too? Thanks!
  17. I already have the "custom commands sent to the server" feature implemented in the current version (v1.2). I'll consider adding the /setrank command. Thank you.