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  1. Why my Pex is so delay when my player is rankup? Ex. When my player rankup (Prison) to rank b the perms of b will not give to him until he relog. idk what is prob.Help?
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    I've noticed this too. Only when running comamnds though.

    A work-around could be typing
    Code (Text):
    /pex reload
    often or getting it to automatically execute the command every 5 minutes or so?
  3. What rankup plugin are you using?
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  5. Are you using the latest version?
  6. Try AutoRank, try Ontime or ask to the developer
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  8. Is it only when ranking up through EZRanksLite, or when manually running /pex commands too?

    Ask the dev: @extended_clip
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  10. The EzrankLite I think don't have problem but its infected by pex because of delay.And the only thing in to fix this is to do /pex reload every time but I don't want to do it bcz of waste time and I update my pex but nothing Happens.
  11. I really hate pex, but I've managed to fix it for the time being. Nothing like groupmanager was. *hides behind anti-hater shield*

    I only had to change as group manager poo'd its pants when a user changed their name.
    I've noticed the same with pex, a lot only listens upon join.

    I've managed to come to a point though where it works for now. Using the latest 1.8 spigot, pex version 1.23 seems to work, and there's no rankup problems. Remember to turn off auto updating or pex will wanna keep going back to it's crappy version.
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    Look up a plugin called SimpleCommandScheduler on BukkitDev. That is the plugin I use and I have it set up so it executes /pex reload every minute. I hadn't had any problems with it so far.
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    A few relevant solutions have been posted. You can downgrade pex to 1.23 or lower, or execute /pex reload on rankup to refresh your perms. The only other option I see is to submit a bug report to PEX stating that your pex group changes / promotions are not updating instantly.
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  14. Yeah i love the word Bump ;D
  15. What back end is pex connected to for you guys? This doesn't happen for me and I use MySQL. Maybe a yml issue?