Pex Sub Group Question

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  1. Vague title, my apologies; anyways, on to the topic here.
    I co-own a server and we're currently in the process of configuring a sub rank that people can earn in addition to their currently-held rank(s). The idea is that when the sub rank is added (it's called 'sub_star') the rank will also simply add a * to the prefix of the rank they held before. I am wondering how this can be done, and I know it can be done because I was an Admin on another server that had a similar setup. Any help here would be greatly appreciated! I will include Sub_Star and an example rank down below so you guys can see what we are currently working with...

    default: false
    prefix: *
    weight: '1000'

    prefix: '&eVeteran&f'
    - Professional
    - silkspawners.changetype.pig
    - essentials.sethome.multiple.veteran
    - nte.veteran
    - essentials.kits.veteran
    - essentials.near
  2. If it's an automated process, all I can think of is doing it as a suffix, by adding the permission and the suffix when the rank/purchase takes place, that's honestly all I can tell you.
    Unless you know how to add two prefixes from a rank(Which I've never seen done with a process such as this, nor do I know how) go ahead and try it, but adding sub groups to a player won't show the duel prefixes, it'll show the main group.

    [Admin] Player1 - buys sub_star
    [Admin] Player1 will have sub_star permissions but not the prefix, it won't register twice because the main rank is Admin
    -Sub groups don't really register prefixes, they're just there as place holders and for a more tidy setup and permission handling if you want to do it per-plugin

    I hope this helps out...i honestly don't know what else to tell you