Bungee - Spigot Pex Tablist and Nametags 1.2.3

Edit your tab list and nametags, group based.

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    PexTabList Plus - Edit your tab list, group based.

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  2. Add version 1.8
  3. It works for 1.7 & 1.8 & 1.9, just make you don't use to many characters in the tablist if you are running any versions below 1.8.
  4. Spigot 1.9, and minecraft 1.9. (not 1.9.2 !)
  5. Any errors?
  6. Where can I see that ?
  7. The console or the logs file, it would probably show either when the server is loading or when a player is joining the server.
  8. nothing happen with the plugin when a player join the server
    EDIT : here the 2 lines of pextablist :

    [00:02:59] [Server thread/INFO]: [PexTabListPlus] Loading PexTabListPlus v1.0
    [00:03:46] [Server thread/INFO]: [PexTabListPlus] Enabling PexTabListPlus v1.0

    There is no other things about the plugin
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  9. I'll look into this issue when I get home, thanks for reporting it, it might be a client side issue but I'll try and re create the problem.
  10. Great plugin but is there anyway you can lengthen it? I have quite long prefixes for some of my ranks.
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  11. Working on that ;)
  12. Awesome! Thanks!
  13. Update is completed will be uploading it once I get home.
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    Big Update

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  15. I updated and now it isn't working at all.
  16. Are you running 1.9?
  17. Yes. It was working fine then I updated to the newest version of the plugin and it is just the default tab list. And for some reason I keeps replacing the old config file. I backed it up and let it create a new one to see if that was the issue and for some reason it keeps putting in the old config with everything I put in there. That doesn't make any sense to me.
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