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  1. Hey guys,
    How to give some1 a permissions for limited time?
    For groups I use /pex user name add vip * 1800 ,but it doesnt work for single permission...
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  2. Timed suffix? Hmm.. I think you'd have to give a rank temporarily... Idk if pex supports this. Let me see.
  3. I dont think pex supports this. Possibly get a timer plugin that will allow you to customize comamnds in intervals of time to remove all player custom suffixes xD though i dont know which and how to do this
  4. I hope timer function on pec works for you ;) the PermissionTimer was created based on the request from server owners who found that pex's timer function was not working as they expected.

    For prefix, PermissionTimer address this through allowing timer-based ranks.
  5. So you cant add timed suffix with your plugin?
  6. my plugin gives timer based permissions and ranks. If a rank comes with prefix and suffix, you can control suffix too.