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    KotH - King of the hill

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  2. Plugin seems to be working fine, however wgregion events seems to be broken in 1.8.7. Is there an unofficial updated version out there somewhere? Thanks!
  3. i apologize for taking so long to reply for some reason im not getting notifications so i thought i sucked big ol ballz and cried i might revamp this plugin to work in 1.8 or make a seperate 1.8 koth
  4. Its all good, I found an unoffical update floating around somewhere on the deep dark hole they call the internet. Now, seperate question, is there any way to change the loot? And do you plan on making an auto startup feature? Thanks again for the awesome work!
  5. Is there an api for this plugin? if not please make one?
  6. i probably might come back to it and change the loot table to use a config correctly
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  7. there is currently no api and i dont see why it would need one
  8. For other devs.
  9. Please do, youre one of the only devs offering a free KoTH. Much thanks!
  10. i could offer the source for any dev that wishes to use it
  11. That would be nice for an open source I guess
  12. If you would like the source u can message me on spigot and i will give tew you just dont make fun of the sloppyness its a bit old xD
  13. Im trying to get this to work but I cant please help
  14. requires the plugin world guard region events to work
  15. The timer does not show up for me ;(. When I start the arena it just says Arena Enabled and does not do anything. ( I already selected a region)
  16. Did you pre make the region with the same name as the koth name and are you using wgregion events also when selecting the koth do 1 block below it and about 5 blocks above it
  17. Forgot to quote read up
  18. Going to work on either an easier koth or a secondary koth plugin with hooks for factions soon
  19. I am not using WG Region Timer, that might be the problem :p.
    Regarding your second post, Yes! I would love a very customizable koth plugin that hooks into factions! (No Lag Please :D)
  20. i guess i will work on it i have been working on a premium plugin (cheap) i intend to make it large but i can hold it for a bit