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Better Phantom handling for SMP

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    PhantomSMP - Better Phantom handling for SMP

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  2. Hi, I've been using your plugin for a while now, and it's been great. Ever since updating from Paper-50 (1.14.1) to Paper-51 (1.14.2), I have been experiencing some players being unable to log in. I found that if the are around the player is unloaded, they are sometimes unable to log in, and are given "Internal server error". Here is an error report using Spigot 1.14.2 https://hasteb.in/fizodama.shell. Here is an error report using Paper for 1.14.2 https://hasteb.in/oyimixuw.md. When I used plugman to unload PhantomSMP, players were able to connect just fine. I hope this provides enough information to fix the bug, thanks!
  3. Hi, thank you for the report!

    I'm afraid I'm unable to reproduce the bug with the given information. I've attempted to reproduce it by using Paper 1.14.2 build #51, but it doesn't give. I tried generating a world, moving outside of spawn chunks, and spawning in some phantoms at night in #50, then when I swapped it out to #51 and logged back in, all seems to work well.

    From what I see, it only looks like either a Spigot issue or an issue from another plugin. The kick happened due to a concurrency error while the chunk were attempting to load. There's only reference to PhantomSMP when firing PlayerQuitEvent, meaning the server never triggered PlayerJoinEvent.

    This plugin does not use any asynchronous methods that can cause concurrency error. I do not have enough information to find and fix the issue. Is there any errors on the log during the start-up?

    Please give this snapshot a try. I don't think it will fix the issue, but it's worth a try.


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  4. Following my removal of PhantomSMP, I found that another bug where players would receive Error: null when trying to teleport using /home or /warp was also fixed. The bug giving Error: null messages seemed to also affect other Paper-51 users after they upgraded to that version, even though they did not have this plugin. Using PhantomSMP 1.1.1 on Paper-58, my players no longer experience the problem. I'm still unsure on what was causing the problem, but I'm glad it's gone. Thanks a bunch!
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  5. Ah, that's a relief! It must be on Spigot or Paper then. The stacktrace isn't traceable to PhantomSMP, so I was confused, haha.

    Thanks for getting back at me!

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    PhantomSMP v1.1.1

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  7. @chuu_shi Any chance this might get updated for 1.15.x?
  8. Hi @ReverendJesus, the plugin should work with 1.15.x already. Let me know if anything seems broken.

    I do believe there was an API update that better tracks entity spawns, so I will definitely take a look at the code later this month!
  9. any plans to update to 1.16?
    Any plans to update to 1.16?
  10. If you're using Paper, it has an option where you can enable phantoms only on insomniacs. If you enable that, it can pretty much replace this plugin for 1.16
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  11. Yeah, pretty much. Otherwise, the code should still work.
  12. What's the difference between the permissions phantomsmp.disallowspawn and phantomsmp.ignore?