Spigot PhantomSpawnControl [1.13.X - 1.14.X] [FREE] 2.1.1

Control when a phantom can spawn, GM Changes resets timer!

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    PhantomSpawnControl [1.13.X] - Control when a phantom can spawn, GM Changes resets timer!

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  2. does it actually allow us to disable completely the spawn of phantoms?
  3. Do you mean disabling phantom spawning at all or just for specific players?
  4. disable spawning because sleeping is disabled on my server
  5. I just thought of a healthy way to implement this feature. Stay tuned for updates

    (In the meantime you could set the value very high)
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    Disable Specific Gamemodes, Small Bugfix

  7. Getting this error:
    Pretty sure it's because I use multiverse. Is a multiworld setup not supported? If so can it be added?
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  9. Another thing i wanted to ask about. What about supporting vanishing plugins? So players in vanish don't have phantoms accidentally give them away. Maybe this could even be done by "if a player has a specific permission don't spawn phantoms"?
  10. Thanks for the suggestions! I will look into that but I will probably update the plugin not until the end of the week cause I want to do some testing in order to (maybe) improve some backend stuff (this will make the plugin more accurate in detecting the phantom spawns to block)
  11. @ArZor I am sorry to announce that I will not be able to post an update today because I have no time left to properly test all new features. The Update however will be rather big and I am pretty sure to be able to update in the next 2 days. Everything is finished but I do not want to publish something which in the worst case does not work at all - so please forgive me if I cannot hold my promise.

    One of your requested features will be part of the update (permission) but due to the fact that there is no solid/healthy way to detect a vanished player I was not able to add your second request.

    Best regards

    PS: I ran it once without errors so we could be lucky :D
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  12. Sounds good! I look forward to it :D
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    Huge Update: Giant Phantoms, Permission, Legacy Mode

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  14. Suggestion to add a mechanic to allow a player to get in a bed for a single tick and the Phantom attack counter will be reset. It will be like you really slept the whole night away, and won't have phantoms attack for another 3 nights.
  15. Is it possible to use the giant-phantom feature to spawn phantoms even while the player is under a roof?
  16. This is already the case. The plugin works with a scoreboard stat that gets reset if a player enters a bed. If you want to track the stats you can display them ingame by using the command "/scoreboard objectives setdisplay <displayOption> PLUGIN_PSC"

    In the current state the plugin just reacts to the vanilla spawning of phantoms. So this is not possible without adding a whole lot to the plugin unfortunately. In addition to that I am not sure if handling the spawning algorithms by the plugin will be a good trade in terms of cpu/ram usage.
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  17. Maybe you could just call the summon command, which is build in to the game. This way you don't have to handle anything with the spawning algorythm.
    When i enter to the console "/summon minecraft:phantom ~ ~3 ~" a phantom spawns right above my head. So maybe you can make your plugin use this command.
    I hope this is usefull, since i have no idea how plugin development works in detail.
  18. @schentuu It is not about spawning the phantom, it is about calculating when I want the plugin to spawn a phantom. I may came up with a possible solution to please both sides (so you can switch manual spawn calculation on and off in the config). So stay tuned for updates!