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Official continuation of the PhatLoots plugin which provides highly configurable loot for all.

  1. Suggestion / Request:
    Make the item in hand to be a condition and a price to pay. This would not just be "like crates", but can be used in map making.

    The player needs to have 10 stones in hand to open the PL. When doing so, the 10 stones are taken and a bridge appears (using commands).
  2. Hello!
    Could someone tell if I can somehow link all the generated chests to a loot table?
  3. do i have to set collection for each phatloot, seems if i add a collection one phatloot, and add the same collection name to another phatloot, it doesn't work
  4. It should work. But it could be that if you set it to loot once/player and you loot the first one the other one get flagged as looted as well?
  5. I do not quite understand, how do i set loot once/player
  6. Isz


    Possible to add mmocore functionality? To use an mmocore drop table in a phatloots chest?
  7. Anyone planning to update this?
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  8. I also would like to know if this plugin gets updated.
    Already running it on my 1.17 server(paper) but the /loots gui [name] doesn't seem to be working anymore.
    still running test on it though.
  9. When I updated it on my server it corrupted my loot table files. Had to revert back to 1.16.5. Make sure you create a backup of your loot tables before even attempting to bring it to 1.17. But yes, definitely hope the plugin dev will update to new version atleast or someone is working on another fork.
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  10. This is abandoned.
    Acuteloot is the new shlt.
  11. Phatloots is not abandoned ! On their Discord and Github you can get the latest version for MC 1.17 ;)
  12. Redned updated PhatLoots | Loot Tables, Conditions, Block Loots, Mob Drops [1.13-1.16] with a new update entry:

    PhatLoots v5.5.1 - 1.17/1 Support & MythicDrops Fixes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  13. I've deleted my review @Redned, but I would also like to point out that things like "/loot gui <loot>" doesnt work either. (This is in the 5.5.2 version)

    Theres probably a lot more stuff that doesn't work, if you could fix, and test it
  14. Thanks for the report! From my testing this appears to only be an issue with the SampleLoot table, likely because it's using an old loot table file. If you create a new loot table and try to modify the conditions there, it should work. I'll fix the Sample loot tomorrow :)
  15. I see, so i created a new table through the command called "test", and then did /loot gui test, but the result is the same: https://gyazo.com/2af2b6b65b35d01839e2493a99e95f88
  16. Hello. Ive set up a few loot tables and tried using the auto-enchant feature but it doesnt seem to enchant the weapons and armor. Any ideas?
  17. Hello, can we make sure with a single command that all the safes are linked?
  18. Hello any plans to update to 1.18.2?
    If it isn't autoloot it doesn't seem to work. And even if it is, the chest still flashes and opens empty.
  19. Any word on updating to 1.18? I love this plugin and would hate to have to find another one!
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