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This is a Web Interface with menus and automatic things!! :) I hope u like it!

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    PhP-Pex-Admin - This is a Web Interface with menus and automatic things!! :) I hope u like it!

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  2. Very good idea and a good result. But I don't need it anymore I have way enough experience with pex.
    You made a very good job I think.
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  3. @Tiippex Thx you man! Can you leave one review please?
  4. Does this Plugin works with PermissionEx on a Database?
  5. Yes sir! It should to work!
  6. Sorry I think when I do it it, it is kind of a lie. I never used and tested your resource.

    I simply had a look at the pictures and the description.
    Hope you understand this.
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  7. Ooh.. Sorry man.. i thinking you downloaded this.. :D ok thx!
  8. Sorry I really don't need it. I have everything what I need with pex. I mean it is a nice addon even for me, but I can't see the sense for me because I created the groups etc. years ago, I only add around 1-2 permissions to a group per month and I have a self-made shop system.
    To be fair. I'm going to test it for your review, but not now I'm still not completely awake. XD
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  9. Ok can you send me demo if you have webhost and is not free?
  10. Does it work with pex using a mysql database instead of file?
    Because in the description thats not totaly clear for me :)
    And can it display all already created groups with their permissions?

    And why dies it require rcon? If Pex runs with mysql database it could just read and write all directly to the db so you don‘t need rcon.
  11. Oh yeah.. I dont thinking about this to make it with permissionsex sql :D i will make it and i will sync it with php pex admin!

    Now the admin panel is only support database where i make it ! I will post update when i sync it.. But now only phPPexSQL will work :) See ya!
  12. Does this work with SexyPex?
  13. Maybe in feature.. but now no..