Solved Pickaxe levels Not working

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    I don't know what to do! can someone please help?
  2. Tag the plugin author. It seems like you have something wrong with your config. I couldn't find this plugin on Spigot?
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  3. After a sort look,

    Seems like either a enchant or potion effect in the config is wrong or incorrectly typed. Check over those areas and make sure its correct.
    If not, do as said above ^
  4. It's from this. And, it's not a configuration issue.
    I know how to fix it. It's pretty simple.
    SimonKing Dm me on here whenever you get the chance
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  5. Ah, ok. I saw 'config' in the log and assumed it was to do with the cause (y)
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  6. This is caused because they are using a leaked TokenEnchant and developed their plugin using the leak.

    We will not provide any help to those who're using this plugin or config setup created by this user selling the config + plugin on mc-market.
  7. i will legit send u the setup no paid plugins are in it including tokenenchant only the config is in there no jar dude nobody is ripping off your plugin on that setup
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  8. Usually I agree with you for the most part, but this time you're wrong. Regardless, if people are using a leaked one or actually paid for it, the problem will still persist. PickaxeLevels isn't working because whoever supplied the bDependencies forgot to include the actual addons for the plugin. I had to manually download all of them by hand and help a few people with them.

    Hi. I have the exact same setup as you, there is a hidden folder called "BDependencies" located in the plugins directory. You'll have to find that folder and download all the addons for it. Whoever made the setup forgot to do that.

  9. And I assume that you are aware that this plugin has a code which tries to invoke a class, which is not in the legit TokenEnchant?
  10. Can you tell me how to download?very thanks
  11. Thanks downloading those dependencies fixed the porblem
    search on google using the names of the jar files