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  1. well, you can start with not using a leaked TokenEnchant plugin...
    you won't get any support since you're using a leaked plugin.
  2. wdym bro leaked the jar aint in there I had to buy TE only the config was there no jar
  3. Well, the person you’ve purchased the config along with pickaxelevel plugin would normally give you a leaked TokenEnchant to resolve this issue, since they developed this pickaxelevel plugin specifically using their leaked plugin.
  4. I Have the same exact error, but as you can see I bought tokenenchant. Can you help me?
  5. First of all, stop talking something that you don't know about. I was using Token enchant from my manager "arefy.net", he bought it. I never leaked anything.

    I'm just helping people who verify his purchase of your token enchant, I never sent anything leaked to anyone that didn't verify it before.

    Also, I'm giving you some buyers as it's a dependency of my resource on mc-market setup, so you should thank me instead of start talking shit about me.

  6. we've received a report from your buyers informing us you've been distributing a copy of TokenEnchant jar file (several users sent us the exchange with you showing that you sent TokenEnchant_Rey.jar to them), which you do not own (even if you have a proof of purchase, which I have never seen, you still should not be distributing a copy to others).

    Nether you nor "arefy.net" are not on the buyers' list.

    You're not giving me any buyers, you're giving me users who claim my plugin is broken when you give them a plugin which uses the old leaked plugin.
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  7. I don't know where you bought TE since you're not on the buyer list of TE.
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  8. Latest version of the setup works well
  9. you just do not use a legit copy of TokenEnchant, then you should be fine.
  10. Yeah don't worry, won't be using token enchant anymore, keep saying that I'm using a leak version when I gave you some customers.