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  1. Im trying to code a plugin that does this: Its a Custom Pickaxe Plugin The pickaxes Consist of a 5x5 that breaks 1 deep, and a 3x3 pickaxe that breaks 1 deep.

    Im trying to create these commands:

    - /peffect give <Player> 5x5 Spawns a 5x5 pick
    - /peffect give <Player> 3x3 Spawns a 3x3 pick
    - /peffect help This shows All of the commands
    - /peffect reload reloads configuration

    Im trying to make these perms:


    Pickaxe Name:
    5x5 - &c&k|&7&l[&4&l5x5&7&l]&c&k|
    3x3 - &3&k|&7&l[&b&l3x3&7&l]&3&k|

    5x5 - &7Crystal II
    3x3 - &7Crystal I

    I want both pickaxes to Auto Inventory
    I want both pickaxes to work with fortune
    I dont want a explosion effect
    I need the pickaxe to only work if it has the lore "Crystal I" for 3x3 and "Crystal II" For 5x5

    This is what i have so far http://pastebin.com/VmqYb3Fh
  2. What have you tried?
  3. Ive tried getting code off github and editing it but i cant seem to get anything to work
  4. So, you just pasted code that does nothing and is even incorrect already, and want someone else to provide everything you stated above? You tried copying someone elses code, probably just editing the messages, and wonder why it doesn't work? I love spoonfeeding people, but this.. this is just sad.
  5. You should really learn how to do it yourself. Looking at other people's projects to help you understand concepts and find better ways of writing things if fine and I'd encourage it. Taking code and editing it to make it what you'd like is not anything I'd encourage and it won't help you learn anything.
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  6. If you dont want to learn it, you can also just ask for developers in the other subforum here. When you want custom plugins, you have to write them on your own or pay for them.