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  1. I've been trying for several weeks now to try and get a reply to my question, which isn't even a hard question to answer, why is there no support being given for a paid plugin??
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  3. I've been trying to get this question answered for almost a month now. Please can I get some support?
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  4. Hi, could you add a cumulative voting system to the pinataparty plugin? for example every 5,10,15 votes players would earn other rewards pre-defined in config.yml
    Can you also add top voted placeholders?
    For example: %pinataparty_votes_top_daily%
  5. The first one is possible but the top placeholders are impossible without a full database rewrite because we only store how many times you've voted and the last time you did, not all your votes with their date/time etc.
  6. Hey, i would like to know if there is any support for mythicmobs?

  7. There isn't.
  8. Could add to plugin? This is going to be really nice and interesting. Add the first option.
  9. How can i send a message to chat without [SERVER] prefix.

    if i do this
    - 'crates givekey %player_name% hlasovaciklic'
    - say '&8[&5Vote&8] &eHráč &r%luckperms_prefix%&7%player_name% &eprávě hlasoval pro server a získal odměnu! &f/vote'

    There is an ugly [SERVER] prefix
  10. Use a different command such as vanilla's tellraw.

    Code (Text):
    - tellraw @a ["",{"text":"[","color":"dark_gray"},{"text":"Vote","color":"dark_purple"},{"text":"]","color":"dark_gray"},{"text":" Hrá\u010d","color":"yellow"},{"text":" %luckperms_prefix%"},{"text":"%player_name%","color":"gray"},{"text":" práv\u011b hlasoval pro server a získal odm\u011bnu!","color":"yellow"},{"text":" /vote"}]
    Obviously the placeholders will be changed when sent from PinataParty.
  11. I have a problem, i still see "[SERVER] The pinata was taken down". message when i kill the Pinata, cant find in a configt to remove.
  12. It would be nice to add every x number of votes to earn a reward, for example: I voted 80 times I won a different item, then it starts again 80 more votes I get again
  13. Hi, can you add cumulative rewards to the plugin? For example, with 5 votes you get one reward, with 10 votes you get another.
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  14. Packet listener API and GlowAPI is using a lot of memory. It would be cool if there was a way to have the glowly effect without those dependencies or a more lightweight alternative. But of course, this is wishful thinking.
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  15. "The requested user hasn't purchase this item."
    Purchasing the plugin might help. :)

    Glow/PacketAPI is more than fine, they are the most lightweight solutions out there by far, last time I looked it was less than like 100 lines at least for glow, if I made my own stuff it would literally just be a copy and have any of the same "Issues" involved just moved into PP since it would use the exact same API/Packets.

    I'm looking into this.