PING Lag spikes just on MC Server. HELP

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  1. Hey! The video explains everyting, basiclly my mc server is giving me a lot of lag spikes(ping lagspikes) but my TS3, that is hosted on same dedicated server, so, i guess is MCs fault, is there something to do? It isnt the plugins cause i tried it without plugins and also on MC vanilla and the same happens, also im using java jdk 8 and starting the server with 9gb


  2. how manny ram? per server what type and what location??

    ram recomended:
    server: 1-2gb per server (X)
    bungeecord 512m-1gb


    your location = canada
    server location = france

    that is ~ 5.000 km (with sea, ocean)

    dedi or vps?
    dedicated server's are faster (X)

    what opperating system?
    Some opperating system's slow the connection.

    btw you know that that plugin is just shit and doesnt work correctly

    (X) = already

    i would recomend to contact ovh. I dont have this problem.
  3. Location Canada Quebec, bungeecord has 2.5gb and the test server 9gb, the whole dedicated has 32gb and it's a i7 4790k, ubuntu 14.04, it just happens on minecraft and Bungeetablist is working fine, with or without the plugin i still having lag spikes from 5 to 3 bars
  4. could be your own internet provider can you type /tps and show what you see if it is saying 19 its fine and its your own internet
  5. i still recoment contacting ovh
  6. Tps are always at 20, they never go down, also, i test it with another player and he ahs the same issue, can you please join and help me out testing it?
  7. whats the ip?
  8. WAS


    Though a ICMP has nothing to do with your servers in-game performance. So TPS would provide little data unless the server was so lagged it wasn't handling requests.

    OVH is a incredibly congested host. Any game hosted with them I have terrible connectivity with (this is even seen on Steam with entry-level games). It's hard to say they are good even despite dedicated machines when the lines to and from the centers are blogged down.

    There is also routing to consider from you, to the host. One person may be at the same distance but only hop 10 networks to get to the host, while you, at the same distance, in a polar location, hop 20+

    Try doing a trace route on you to your host.
  9. i also have ovh and i have no problems at all..
  10. How can i do a trace?
  11. WAS


    What OS are you on (at home)? On windows it's tracert command.
  12. There you go, can you join, it is in offline mode atm
  13. W10 aniversary, latest update i guess
  14. WAS


    In CMD Prompt run
    Code (Text):