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    What is ping spoof?

    Let's say you are playing on a random server with 20 - 30 ms ping, and this server has anti-cheat that detects ping and it won't activate unless they have less than 350ms ping (to prevent legit users). But with this hack(ping spoof), you can manually change your ping to whatever you want to bypass the anti-cheat easily.


    Hi guys, so basically I'm having trouble with ping spoof detection for my new anti-cheat. If you don't know what ping spoof is, please read the above. I'm currently a developer on random PVP server. I want to know how to disable ping spoof. Or is there any way to detect it? Or is it even possible???
    I don't want a piece of code to put in, I want to know HOW that is possible(method). Any diagram(if possible) or just a text would be amazing for me.

    Don't just say it is impossible... because someone did it.
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  2. I've actually read that thread and discussed with the author of that thread.
    He said I need to purchase for the config in order to know how it really works...(which I don't need)
  3. I guess it depends on the type of PingSpoof. One of them I've seen from a hacked client just blocked keepAlive packet sending to the server. So in that case, you can check if player is continuing to send other packets but no keepAlive packet.
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  4. I don't know if this is possible, but try to ping the player when a ping packet from the player arrives and compare it with the ping...
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  5. If the hacked client is only listening and spoofing a ping packet (keepAlive), then you could try sending a packet that you know will receive an answer as fast as the client can send. For example, I haven't tested this, but if you set the player current item in their hand, the client MIGHT send back a packet and trigger the PlayerHeldItemEvent. You then could take the time it took to get a response and that would be their ping and the client would never know that your doing a ping test.
    If that example doesn't work, then you'll have to do some experimenting and see what will work.

    Sorry if that doesn't make sense. I am on my phone and I'm really tired after a long mountain biking race. :p
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  6. I actually got some information by asking him gently. He said:
    "If the player is getting unusual ping for constant period of time, that is probably ping spoof"

    It helped for me. I just need to code right now :)
  7. Hi! Using aacadditionpro!
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  8. It's impossible to detect ping manipulation, if it's only being used to increase the ping, by intentionally delaying sending the keep alive packet. You can do what other suggested, and rely on other packets for pinging.

    More information about ping manipulation can be found here:
  9. I realize that this thread is two years old, however, this paste is expired. I've noticed that some people on this thread are still fairly active, if someone knows that was previously in that paste, could you send it here?
  10. Oh wow, someone saved it. I didn't even notice, thank you very much!