Spigot PingVersion 1.0

Easily change the server version in the ping packet!

  1. Scriptinator submitted a new resource:

    PingVersion - Easily change the server version name that players see!

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  2. Mind making this open source, please?
  3. Unfortunately, it is against the original developer's wishes for this plugin to be open-source
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  4. Hi! can you update this to 1.9? Thanks
  5. Does it not work on 1.9?
  6. No, it doesn't work in 1.9 and 1.10
  7. Please update it!!
  8. Is there a bungeecord version?
  9. @Scriptinator can you fix the messages? They are not going on a new line for each message.
  10. New lines on protocol messages?
  11. ?
  12. Not exactly sure what is wrong with the messages. Please clarify what the issue is.
  13. Could you update this to 1.13? :)