Premium PinPrompt - Powerful GUI Pin Security ⛔️ Two Factor Authentication/2FA ⛔️ [1.8.x - 1.16.x] [Paid]

Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by HexedHero, Aug 26, 2020.

  1. THE DELAY FIXED IT? I'm fucking done lmfao
    I have this but don't feel like you need to give anything, go buy PinataParty or StoreStats if you wanna support me further. Just glad I got that issue fixed, been bugging me for hours.
  2. Hello sorry to bother your , i would like to ask if its possible to somehow hide the information that the command /pin displays.It shows plugin version etc and i don't want everyone to be able to see it.I tried to set pinprompt.* to false for the default group but that didn't help.
  3. Hello, I can not set the pin for me or the users.

    I can't click on the numbers shown there.

    My server is 1.8 spigot.

    The background keep going black and clear as if I'm applied with blindness.

    It said something in the console about sounds and I have set them all to NONE and issue still persists. Any idea?
  4. Works fine for me on 1.8.8 Spigot, whats your config?
  5. Any updates?
    Seems to be fine with your config, must be your server implementation. However, I do need to increase the blindness duration.
  7. Still same issue even with the latest update :c

    It was working fine on 1.15.2, but not the same as 1.8