Pirated users getting free Windows 10? :O

Discussion in 'Technology' started by S3RG10, Jun 15, 2015.

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  1. joehot200


    Windows 10 is free anyway.
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  2. This isn't true for everyone windows 10 is only free for people with genuine windows 8 copies.
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  3. The real question is, why would anyone use windows?
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  4. JamesJ


    I'm on Windows 7, I got offered a free copy.

    Maybe because people aren't you, and they don't follow the same opinions as you. And they probably prefer most threads not to be derailed about your comments about "why Windows is so bad" that I see on every thread related to Windows.
    So yeah, it's someone's opinion whether they like Windows or not and whether they want to use it or not, or have you forgotten what an opinion is?
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  5. Man, spigot's community has really been degrading lately.
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  6. JamesJ


    Maybe because people like you always go onto threads and shout out your opinions that no one really asked for?
    Every thread I've read that comments on Windows, I always see you moaning about how bad it is or some other rubbish.

    If you don't like the Spigot community, no one's forcing you to stay >.>
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  7. Nah, just tired of kids that can't recognize even the most obvious shitposting :)

    Rating this funny/optimistic is proving my point. Just saying.
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  8. Maximvdw


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  9. Windows 10 is given fully free for all Windows 7 and 8 users if they upgrade in one year after release.

    In my opinion Microsoft just said that illegal windows copies get a free upgrade because they can't really block that option as they can't block the existing illegal Windows copies.
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  10. The intresting Question is WHY (makes sense that this word is upper cased) does Microsoft give Windows away for free.
    Because they want to reach more people? - NO
    Because they want everyone gets on the hype to an non productive system? - maybe yes
    Because the want to displace Linux from the market? - Thats impossible
    Because they cannot contious sell their product and want to make money with your data instead of using the money they get from the Sells. - Yea your right.
    Hmm, Microsoft does not release any LTS OS in the last years. Windows XP was good Windows Vista was not the best Idea, Windows 7 was (in my opinion) the best OS after windows 3. How long was Windows XP supported? 3SP's and lots of patches, Windows 7 gets no securety updates in a few years.
    Then they released Windows 8. They trow all the fundamental things for a productive live away and replaced that with the metro system. The old Desktop does exist, but yea ... maybe I write a post about the downsides of Windows 8. overall metro is great for Tablets phones etc, but for a productive machine a nogo.

    Microsoft forces us to use their lastest OS equal if we find it better or worser than the others. (securety updates etc)
    Since Windows 10 is free ... Microsoft wants PROFIT (again makes sense that with the upper cased word). Where shall they take their money if they give their OS away for free? From ads? - no, you wont use a OS where are ads inbuild. From other software? - Maybe, but Windows was one of their best peace of software, why should they give it away.
    Uhm Yea you maybe already thaught it: THEY WILL SELL YOUR DATA and make GREAT MONEY with it.
    back on topic: Microsoft can't stop users from using their OS for free (pirate etc), so they leave it there for free (and want to get a hype because WINDOWS 10 IS FREE (look at the forums and you see some posts))

    Sry for bad grammar, I'm german
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  11. because the most illegal copies cracked the KMS of the OS and its not tracable by microsoft :p
  12. No it isn't free. Microsoft doesn't want to support all that outdated versions of windows and that's why they now released a ''last'' version of windows. Instead of releasing an new windows version every X years they now just update windows 10. If you now buy a new pc you still have to pay for windows, you won't get it for free.

    Personally I think that the most people are buying windows with their computer and don't buy a new version. It wouldn't suprise me that the most of the money microsoft get is from the windows that has already been installed when you buy a pc. In that case they better can create one version (windows 10) that will get the same updates for all windows users.
  13. Cldfire

    Cldfire Retired Moderator

    It's because OS X is free.
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  14. Cldfire

    Cldfire Retired Moderator

    2 reasons:

    A.) It looks better than linux (and I care about graphics).

    B.) Using applications/games that aren't available for Linux
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  15. It's kinda free, you'll get an upgrade to W10, from there you'll get the illegal version.
  16. A) This is a very ignorant statement.

    B) This is still true in some cases

    C) Learn to recognize shitposting as obvious as that one. You really shouldn't be using the internet if you can't.
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  17. Cldfire

    Cldfire Retired Moderator

    No, not really.

  18. Okay, mister "I have tried all desktop environments for linux".
    Bro, there are literally hundreds.
  19. Cldfire

    Cldfire Retired Moderator

    And I don't know of any that deliver the graphics/animations/sleekness of OS X/windows. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against linux. It just doesn't have the pwetty gwaphics.
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