PixelCam like plugin for Spigot

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  1. Hey there Spigot peeps!

    Just wondering if anyone knows of a PixelCam like plugin for Spigot (1.9/1.10)?

    I have seen ServerCinema etc.. But for me it is not as fluid and intuitive as PixelCam. PixelCam also uses the spline display which helps incredibly with making paths. I am using it with Forge at the moment but am constantly getting "player moved too quickly" errors which makes the cinematic stutter.

    Any thoughts?
  2. This is in the wrong section, but to answer your question, I don't think there's any plugins out there that do this. People may create one, but currently, I don't think there are any public-ally available.
  3. Whoops!! What would the right section be? I figured this was a plugin topic?

    Also, thanks for the reply! I was hoping there was... So sad... :(
  4. Its a plugin topic, but this forum is for Spigot plugin developers asking for help, or giving resources for other developers. I'd say this goes into Spigot Plugin Help or something, not sure exactly.

    EDIT: You can report the post and ask for it to be manually moved by moderators
  5. Thanks bud, I just reported off your post. Hope that was how to do it! :)
  6. Alright :) I usually do it off of the original post, but it should work either way I guess :p
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  7. Sorry bud, I will get there! ;)