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Stackable spawners plugin

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  2. Hello, was curious, does this plugin limit the number of spawners you place?
    Looking for a plugin that I can limit how many spawners you can place with a permission.
    pixyspawners.place.# - place # of spawners

    If this is possible a location command and permission would be useful too.
    pixyspawners.locate - locate spawners for yourself
    pixyspawners.locate.others - locate spawners for others
    /pixyspawners locate
    /pixyspawners locate {user}
  3. There is no limit yet. I'll add it in my todo list.
    I'll try to add this feature in 1-2days.
    EDIT: Actually I have some work to do, so it might be a little longer to implement.
    #10 TitasLT, Sep 1, 2020
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  4. No worries, just a neat feature to add!
  5. I just don't know yet what to count.
    Either to count spawners as blocks or count even the ones that were stacked.
  6. Probably as a block?
  7. Okay so I started on storing data in the way I could see how many spawners player has. Maybe you would want to test it when it will be ready?
    (Possibly in 1-2 days or so if everything works well)
  8. can it be turned off with redstone