Spigot Place Items On Ground [Reloaded] [Retired] 1.1.5

Place Items On The Ground!

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    Place Items on Ground - Set and item down on the ground!

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  2. This looks pretty awesome, once permissions are added I'll be trying this out! If you want help with anything, I can help you add in permissions.
  3. Uhmmm, Nice Plugin! Excelent! :D
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    The Functionality Update

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  5. The config file seems to be empty, is there nothing that should be in this?
  6. There should be a patch coming out within the next three days to fix most blacklisted items and all known position bugs.
  7. I put a wooden axe on the ground diagonally yesterday and the place to pick it back up was a block to the left from the centre of the axe.
  8. Thanks for telling me, I'll look into it. I would also avoid placing leads on the ground right now as well. I some how missed them on the blacklist, but they will be fixed in the next update.
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  9. It appears that the config is empty until the /updateplaceconfig command has changed the setting once. I will see if I can fix this in the next update.

    *Update: I just looked at it, I just called the wrong method to save it XD this will be fixed in the new update.
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  10. Well, I've been working on the code for the hour or so and I think the update is about ready. All major bugs should be fixed. The list of blocks that the items can be placed on has been updated and practically all blacklisted items have been removed. I should be releasing this update sometime tomorrow.
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    The Tweaks Update

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  12. Should I add player based item placement caps?
  13. Cool plugin!

    I hate to be nitpicking, but you spelled "Precision" wrong in one of the class names :p

  14. Haha, lets hope not too many people disassemble the plugin and look at the class names, my spelling isn't the best thing in the world. XD
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  15. There should be a new update for this plugin tomorrow. Some things it includes are full support for 1.10 and 1.9, some other fixes that I will go into more detail on later, and a secret feature that I'll talk about tomorrow. :O
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  16. New update dropping in 4 - 5 hours hopefully, it's 99% ready.
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    The (kinda) Server Friendly Update

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  18. How about adding 1.8 support?
    You can simply get the server version with
    Code (Text):
    Then just store it into a boolean
    Code (Text):
                oneeightversion = true;

    Now you can code dynamically for the specific versions!
    For example if 1.8 is used you can use "player.getItemInHand()", otherwise you can "player.getItemInMainHand()".
    Would be great if you make it compatible with 1.8 :D
  19. I will definitely be adding this after then next update, thanks for the idea!
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