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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by sean44104, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. I need to find a plugin that will give me scoreboard placeholders so that players can track their current kill streak and KDR. I have tried killstats, but my server is 1.12 and it does not work. Any help?
  2. I know but the problem is that placeholderapi needs plugins to make its placeholders. I need a plugin that adds killstreak and kdr. PAPI doesnt give you a working kill streak/ kdr by default. BTW i want player kills only counted for the kdr, not papi's mob kill kdr
  3. thank you for the help. Unfortunately, after doing /papi ecloud downlaod simplekilltracker and /papi reload, then putting in %simplekilltracker_kdr% into my featherboard, it just didnt work. Any help?
  4. there is a special placeholder if your are using mvdwplaceholders you need to put placeholderapi_ in front of the placeholder then remove the % sign
  5. in featherboard, i put in {placeholderapi_simplekilltracker_kdr}. it does not work X(
  6. well its %simplekilltracker_kdr% not (simplekilltracker_kdr)
  7. yes but the "placeholderapi_" says to get rid of the % and put {}
  8. {} only applies to MVdWPlaceholderAPI.

    Not PlaceHolderAPI.

    Do not get rid of the % if you're using the original placeholder plugin. That's essential to featherboard. If you don't add % & just add {} it's not going to work. Just saying.
  9. {placeholderapi_%simplekilltracker_kdr%} does not work either
  10. {placeholderapi_simplekilltracker_kdr} should work but i looked and it said {placeholderapi_*} and i have no idea what the star is for
  11. you replace the * with the placeholder from placeholderapi
  12. I guess {stat_pkills}/{stat_deaths} doesnt look too tacky ;)
  13. did you download the simple tracker plugin?
  14. of course
  15. go to this website and download the simplekilltracker expansions and put it in your placeholderapi expansions folder and restart your server and see if it works
  16. i did /papi ecloud download simplekilltracker and /papi reload
  17. do /papi parse %simplekilltracker_kdr% and tell me what it say
  18. You have to RESTART your server to make it work, " /papi reload " will not work.