Solved PlaceholderAPI issue: Statistics addon.

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  1. Hey there, I have PlaceholderAPI v2.9.2 installed and also DeluxeMenus v1.10.5.

    Whenever I try and add (for example):

    It doesnt work... but when I use the simple pre-set ones, such as (exmaple: %statistic_mine_block%) it works find and shows the number.

    Anyone know why this may be? It cannot be a server-version issue, as the plugin itself would not work. Any ideas? Thanks :)
  2. Try updating PlaceholderAPI, you're over a year outdated.
  3. Are the plugins enabled?
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  4. Yes @Chasewhip8
  5. I have updated to the latest one, still nothing.
  6. What version of the statistics expansion are you on, and what is your server version?
  7. My server version is Spigot 1.8.8. I'm using 1.7.0 to work with any version below 1.12, as it says in the configuration.

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  8. Anyone have any ideas ?
  9. I have done that, still nothing. Just ended up to code my own inventories and statistics, a lot easier, plus I know then whats in the plugin and how it works.

    Thank you to everyone who tried to help fix this issue, again, this is a weird issue.