Solved PlaceholderAPI - Player Expansion Doesn't Download

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  1. Okay, so I downloaded PlaceholderAPI plugin, I tried all versions, some versions doesn't support "ecloud" from plugin, some does i'm using PlaceholderAPI-2.8.2 and it doesn't download only that expansion. (As of now, i didn't try all expansions, I have just tried Statistics,Essentials,Server and Vault and its works fine). I need help a soon as possible! Thanks.

    Some Screenshot:
    In Game:

    *Sorry for bad english*
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  2. Try manually installing the Player Expansion via
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  3. Hi there,

    PlaceholderAPI is currently on the latest version of 2.9.1, which can be obtained from here -

    Please upgrade as the Player expansion you are trying to download no longer works with anything below 2.9.0 due to the fact that we changed up how the PlaceholderAPI system works in order to ensure more efficiency for our players. Once you upgrade that, you should be able to download the expansion as normal.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Have an awesome day,
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  4. Okay, expansion is working but when i type in game "/papi ecloud ..." it says that ecloud isn't enabled and when i type "/papi enablecloud" error pop-ups in console:

    Console screenshot -
    Ingame screenshot -

    Does that mean, that i need to manually download expansions from internet? (From official site i guess: LINK )

    EDIT: Also when i start server, when it starts enabling PlaceholderAPI plugin pop-ups this error: - I guess thats error for "ecloud"

    Also my server jar file is "spigot-1.8-R0.1-SNAPSHOT-latest.jar" if you need it
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  5. Alright,

    I've actually seen this error. So basically what's going on is that in Spigot 1.8.3, something was added called Gson into the server jars that basically helps store data and whatnot, Gson is Google's version of JSON, which I'm sure you probably know what that is since you've seen it before in different plugins (files that end in .json).

    Your current issue is that you are trying to use a Spigot 1.8 jar, and since PlaceholderAPI uses the Gson inside of the server jar, it's not possible to get it since you are trying a version lower than 1.8.3.

    My solution would be to run BuildTools and specify that you'd like the version 1.8.8, it's still on MC 1.8.x line so it should fit your needs, plus it'll have the Gson support and the PlaceholderAPI ecloud will work!

    Once you try that, please get back to me and tell me how it went!

    Looking forward to hearing about the results and hope you have a wonderful Wednesday,
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  6. Okay,

    I have no more errors, everything works completely fine. So the reason for that error was in server version 1.8, wow, I spent so much time finding a solution, i didnt know where to find it, so i posted thread here and i see this is really usefully!

    Screenshot 1 ->
    Screenshot 2 ->

    Thanks again, i will looking for you if I get any errors :D ( I don't think I wrote this nicely, but i think you will understand xd )