PlaceholderAPI problem with Statistic

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  1. Hello I have a problem with my server with one plugin I do not know if this is the right section for this and apologize if I'm wrong.
    My problem is with PlaceholderAPI: I installed this plugin in order to make a scoreboard on the side of the screen I used placeholder% {statistic_player_kills} you can see in the picture but it does not accept it and does not show the number of killings of the player -- I'm using Title Manager

    I followed the steps in the lesson and used this command on the server ./papi ecloud download Statistic

    Here's the link from which I took this placeholder
    there it shows that it is there and I copied it exactly as it was written and I put it

    This is my config file for scoreboard -
  2. PAPI might not replace for TitleManager but what I've found is PAPI uses %% not %{} try using this.
  3. You don't use {,}; only "%placeholder%"
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  4. not work again with %%
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  5. to replace a scoreboard plugin if you can recommend me someone to work with these placeholders
  6. Replace your stastic placeholder with

  7. does not happen again
  8. What do you mean by it doesn't happen again?

    Make sure you have the latest titlemanager and PAPI.
  9. I am with the newest and still does not
  10. Please post the new config you have.

  11. placeholder or title manager
  12. Title Manager and Placeholder
  13. It's not working because your scoreboard is out of tekst lines.

    Config: Hello, welcome to my server dude! hope you like it!
    On scoreboard: Hello, welcome to my serve (No more tekst possible)

    Hope i helped you.
  14. U have to reload after downloading any expansion
    /papi ecloud download Statistic
    /papi reload

    and as they said above use %statistic_player_kills%
    everything should work fine
    if ur server version is 1.12.2 or older
    /papi ecloud download Statistic 1.7.0
    /papi reload

    cuz latest version of statistic expansion is for 1.13+
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  15. Thanks aBo0oD, you're the only one that gave me the correct answer lol
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