Placeholders for essentials

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  1. Please someone do anyone know what are placeholders for essentials for scoreboard
  2. Display name: {PLAYER}

    Username: {USERNAME}

    IP: {IP}

    Address: {ADDRESS}

    Balance: {BALANCE}

    Unread mails: {MAILS}

    Current world: {WORLD}

    Worlds list: {WORLDS}

    Number of online players: {ONLINE}

    Number of unique players who joined the server: {UNIQUE}

    Player list: {PLAYERLIST}

    Time of server: {TIME}

    Date of server: {DATE}

    Time of world PM/AM: {WORLDTIME12}

    Time of world: {WORLDTIME24}

    Date of world: {WORLDDATE}

    Plugin list: {PLUGINS}

    Version of Craftbukkit: {VERSION}

    Found this in another post: List of the Essentials Placeholders? | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft

    Hope this one helps you!