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Plagin the 1.12.2 lightweight Plugin Manager

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    Plagin - Plagin the 1.12.2 lightweight Plugin Manager

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  2. LambdaTheDev

    LambdaTheDev Previously YTSkaGamerPL

    But Im using UltraPerms plugin, will it work??
  3. Yes just set the config option to
    Code (YAML):
    use_permissions_ex = false;
    which it defaults too so if you did not change it your good.
    Also, remember to leave a review and your server IP. I might hop on :)
  4. LambdaTheDev

    LambdaTheDev Previously YTSkaGamerPL

    My server IP: localhost
    I havent got a server, im planning to do it :D
  5. oh lol, cool
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    Config and Bugfix update

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