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    Planetoids | Minecraft planet generator | Configure every planet, terrain, ores and structures - Minecraft planet generator for your server with high configuration

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  2. Hi my name is world edit, nice to meet you, definitely not worth $20.
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  3. The generator needs 2gb of RAM just for itself? That's absurd, Minecraft itself only needs 2gb for the minimum requirements...
  4. That means the generator needs an additional 2 GB RAM of Minecraft minimal requirements, but you're right, I wrote it wrong, corrected.
  5. Does this plugin have asteroids? and is it possible, to generate the world in the end? (for a space feeling)
    and is it possible to generate the map with more space betweeten the planets?
  6. Does this plugin have asteroids? What do you mean "asteroids"? You can completely configure the planet (the core material, the cloak of planet...) You can configure multiple-planet types with the chance of generating them in percent.
    Yes, you can generate the world as an end world.
    And yes, you can create more space between planets. It is configured too.
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  7. I mean little "events" like an asteroid is flying to a planet and makes an explosion or something like this. Or maybe a satellite station you can find randomly. I think little events were nice for this plugin.
  8. I understand. Yes, it can be a nice feature, but this is not currently supported by this plugin, consider adding.
  9. I made many mistakes at buying plugins.. so sorry for my mistrust. I may be but it in the future.
  10. No problem, thank you for the idea.
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  11. Is there any way add generator into Bukkit.yml
  12. How to configure it???? Each time i add a new planet configuration and delete the default configuration when i start the server the default configuration come back again.Even change one of them into another names is disallowed. Hope u could fix that as soon as possible
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  13. Hi, sorry for that, i look at it tomorrow and update the plugin :).
  14. In the bukkit.yml add this.

    Code (YAML):
    : #your world name
    : Planetoids
  15. But it seems doesn't work for me. Only i can do is to configure in MV.
  16. This must work, because I use it for testing the plugin. Try it in the fresh server with no other plugins or send me your bukkit.yml configuration.
  17. Okey.Next update i will try again. Thanks for your help.
  18. I create a hotfix for the configuration, so now, you must create planets manually (no default planet in config file now).
  19. hey can you add 1.12.2 support please?