Planning to learn Java & coding plugins

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  1. Soooo, I am bored and I always wanted to create plugins, not sure why but it sounds fun.
    Since SpigotMC is full of developers and the most of you have already answered these questions I thought you guys could answer these questions!

    What should I learn first?
    Where can I learn Java & coding plugins? Also, I do want a slightly new tutorial if its possible, not sure why but software changes alot so you never know.
    Whats a good IDE? I plan on using Eclipse but IntelliJ could be something
  2. Nice enthusiasm; I'm sure you can do it. I'd recommend learning java before using the bukkit/spigot API, since you need to understand methods/OOP/general syntax ect before you can understand how to successfully use the API. And if you didn't know, API (application programmer interface) is a series of pre-written classes/methods to enable you to perform a lot of complicated actions easily.
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  4. Read some books, it really helps *Cant believe they still have them these days...
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  5. Agree, get a basic feel for Java, and learn the rest via being experimental or whatever.

    Any additional information can be found via google, books or talking to others.
  6. Going with Eclipse, any more tutorials?
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    Making progress...
    Harder then I thought it would be .-.
  9. Your first programming language is always the hardest. Trust me, when you learn another one, it'll be a lot easier :)
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  10. Take Java Tutorials online :)
    Read some books, or maybe just even learn Java from the Oracle website!
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  11. Learning your first language will take quite a while, but when you become good at it it's worth it.
  12. I already created a java calculator ;3
  13. If you want to learn Java try to steer away from video tutorials, as they usually will leave you in the dust when you try to make your own program, plus they don't usually explain things very well. (Plus if you read you can learn 10x faster)

    Books (In my opinion the best):
    If you want to read a PDF fairly quickly and get a pretty good understanding for Java I recommend Java for Dummies 6th edition. (I couldn't find any free PDFs for the 6th edition but here is one for the 5th edition) This book is nice because you can download all the code, and it goes fairly in depth. You can also buy it on Amazon, or at almost any book store.

    However... I prefer Java for Dummies 9 in 1. There is also a PDF online for this book, and you can't read it quite as quickly as JFD 6th edition (only an extra ~500 pages :p), but it does go a lot more in depth and teaches you many essential parts of Java that JFDs 6th edition just doesn't get to.

    Video Tutorial
    If you REALLY want a video tutorial, I've heard edX has got some good ones.

    Just make sure you code while reading the book/watching the video! If you don't you'll start coding, run into a problem, and not know what to do!
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  14. Ya, books are awesome. If you are going the pdf route; another good pdf found on google is Java The Complete Reference 7th edition.
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  15. honestly watch this series: that's how i first learned about 3 years ago!
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  16. A lot of people recommend that and if they like it I'm not going to judge them like a few other ppl (lots of people want you to learn the right way). I started out also with thenewboston tutorials but his tutorials are kind of messy.... one day you will be learning about making a calculator and after another about 50 episodes you learn on how to use the java.swing class which is really easy.

    Personally I think everyone is different, go with how you learn things. Derek Banas has some really good tutorials and each lesson is really welled prepared. There are lot of sources out there the oracle docs are good too but one of my personal favorite source is a website called java-made-easy. It's really good for beginners and has many examples.
  17. that's how I first learned about 3 years ago!
    I used to watch those tutorials to, I watched them for knowing the basics of bukkit not for learning java as @AeriusMC
    said they aren't the best for learning java.
  18. even that tutorial is bad with too much errors