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  1. is there any way to change how fast a plant grows? Becuase on my 1.14.4 paper server with mcmmo it grows very slow, 1 sugar cane has grown in 9 minutes thats not very normal. Also the plugin ( plantgrowth) dont have bonemeal working on them so thats no optiion
  2. I’m pretty sure you can do this in one of the config files of the server (maybe spigot.yml?) because when starting a server it tells you those growth modifiers
  3. You could try using
    Code (Text):
    /gamerule randomTickSpeed <number>
    this is vanilla Minecraft command, higher the number is, faster the plants grow. Including leaf decay, dirt -> grass block. I would not recommend this though as permanent solution.
  4. Thanks for ur quick response, it is not a permant solution indeed.
  5. Yeah your probaly right im going to check it. Thanks alot!
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