Spigot Plants Versus Zombies 2.5

Plants Versus Zombies in minecraft!

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  2. Any server where to play this?:D
  3. I'm not sure. I know a few people have set it up on their servers, but I have not been told any IPs.
  4. I know the video has good instruction in it but maybe have a simple written up Installation/Commands/Permissions. It would make it easier to quickly reference to.
  5. I updated this page to look nicer and link to Bukkit Dev. Enjoy.
  6. If anyone is using PvZ, you may message me your server IP and I can create a list of servers using it on the Bukkit Dev page.
  7. -that the ip to my server not 24/7 only up at some random times
  8. I am, in fact looking for a plugin just like this BUT I do want a version of the PVZ Garden Warfare "2". Yes, I know the game hasn't come out yet and I am highly new here compared to the other posts, but I do HAVE a server with a custom PVZ texture pack, and I was wondering if you could make a PVZ Garden Warfare version of this plugin, if so, thanks!
  9. Unfortunately I have no interest in continuing this project. It is, however, open source if you or someone else wants to keep it going. https://github.com/Lactem/PvZ