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  1. I need help finding a plugin that where a plugin counts how many players have joined my server.

    E.G: "Welcome {player}! {Amount} Has Joined The Server In Total!"

    {player} = IGN
    {Amount} = Total amount that has joined my server.

    This was just a quick type. i can always make it more brief or what ever you want if you have any questions i will answer, but i need a plugin like that! thanks!
  2. joshwenke

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    Use the plugin Skript and make a Skript like this:

    Code (Text):

    on first join:
        if {logins} is not set:
            set {logins} to 0
        add 1 to {logins}
        message "Welcome %player%! %{logins}% people have joined in total"
  3. i dont code, what am i ment to do with that :3
  4. Essentials does this, install it and in motd.txt put this:

    Welcome {PLAYER}! {UNIQUE} players have joined in total!
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    Just download the plugin Skript, reboot your server, and in the scripts folder, make a file called and place it in that folder.
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    @aFreshKiwi is right. Essentials will do this for you. Plus Essentials will give you a lot of commands that will make your life easier.
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    Please create your own thread instead of reviving old threads.