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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by trisgaming, May 5, 2015.

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  1. I know there's MusicBox plugin to play some nice "noteblock" music to your server.

    However, I am looking for one that will allow MP3. We are a bunch of band players and music lovers and we want to share our music to all players in our server. We don't have teamspeak so we thought something like this might be good to have.
  2. Resource pack?
  3. I think this is will be it. Since I saw someone was able to have emoji in chat.

    Noteblocks are awful sorry :/
  4. Emjoi's and sound are two completely diffrent things, but you will be able to replace the music/sound files (I think, heard it was possible), using the ResourcePacks... I'd imagine it would take much longer to download thou.
  5. there is no other way besides rescourepacks if you dont use noteblockapi
  6. Doesn't quite have the same effect but you could always set up a community for your server.
  7. You could send new packs for each song? There is a way to bypass the resource pack screen.

    You can use custom sounds. The hive do it for the lab. I replaced a sound file for a minigame I'm making.
  8. Yeah I think so too.

    May I know how can I setup Plug.DJ to my server?
  9. It's possible with a resource pack, but only with predefined songs. Or they would have to download alot of resource packs.
  10. It will hard to send files to all players say if you want to play a new song.
    • Goto
    • Goto bottom right of page and click on your profile
    • [​IMG]
    • You need to be level 3 to make one. Just hang out in other plug djs and play songs. ( if you wanna just play songs in mines until you reach level 3 :p)
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  11. Wouldn't downloading it take a while (or more then usual for a minigame, (if its music I mean)).
  12. Mine is only a 10 second clip to add effect xD. You could use an MP3 compressor.
  13. Looks like this is better or we get a teamspeak for our group LOL Thanks though
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