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  1. I just observed something interesting, Urgal was the most popular kits until the power downgrading on the last update. Now Werewolf is the kit of choice for the majority of my players. Did you guys has observed similar behaviors?

    Hmm I wonder if I'll strip some power of werewolf ;)
  2. joehot200


    Why not make one counteract the other?

    For exampe, on my kitpvp server:

    The class tank (diamond armour) can be beaten by blaster which does high damage in 1 hit, however blaster can be easily beaten by damager, because damager gets blast protection IX. Damager can be easily killed by Gunman due to its long range, gunman can be killed by archer, due to the bow's teleportation and exploding arrows, archer can then be beaten by heavy, because of its medium damage and armour, and then heavy can then be killed by tank because tank has more armour.....
    And so if someone kills people with one kit, the killed person will often choose another kit to counteract the kit that the killer chose.
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