Spigot Player Blacklist (UUID Support) 1.0

Player Blacklist plugins (uuid support)

  1. ReahLy submitted a new resource:

    Blacklist (UUID Support) - Blacklist plugins (support uuid)

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  2. What? Why am I tagged here?
    P.S Who are you? (I recognize your name somewhere, however I don't remember)
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  3. dont talk shit lmao
    i dont copied from a plugins
    if i'm, send the link
  4. Please talk with fatpigsarefat as this was a custom plugin for a friend of his
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  5. Please tell me when you made this exactly.
  6. yesterday with my friend
  7. some retard say the plugin is stolen, but with no proof of link
    dont talk shit and make a life
  8. You should add MySQL support :p