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  1. Hi, I have a very serious problem.
    From today there are people who can enter the faction mode without going through the hub.
    They go quietly and they get their permissions, and now litebans make a mistake when they come in.
    At the hub there are accountguards and therefore should not be able to enter, and bungeecord should be configured correctly.
    Who can help me? thank you so much.

    The problem might be that they can enter directly with the faction server ip and the port? How can i lock it up so that they have to pass by bungeecord by force? Thanks

    LITEBANS ERROR (player join faction server without the hub first)
  2. Have you close all ports? I suggest you to use the plugin BetterProxyJoin and put this in all the servers (but not in the BungeeCord folder)

    To configurate this plugin you must set in the "allowed ip" the ip of your dedicated server or vps and not the domain.
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  3. if i have all modalities on a dedicated server, and bungeecord on a vps, i have to set the ip of the vps and ports of all modalities on the dedicated server?
  4. No you have to set the ip of BungeeCord, because Bungee change all the ip in the ip that the player used to join.
    Obviously if you don't have close the ports AccountGuard can't protect you from this attack. So di what i say ;)
  5. How can i know it works?
  6. Eh you can't, or you can try to ask your friend (After the configuration) to join the server by another ip Like:

    (PS. not Bungee but the direction server)
  7. I just tried, i put the plugin on my faction with dedicated server and this is the config:

    Enabled: true
    Kick-Message: "&5Da qua non si entra" is the ip of bungeecord vps but when i try to join the faction from the hub, it doesn't let me join

    (sorry for bad english)
  8. That's the error

    [22:47:02 INFO]: UUID of player Provettino23123 is 29dc70d6-e0e8-3c3d-92fd-f1cc7b3034b9

    [22:47:02 INFO]: Disconnecting [email protected][id=29dc70d6-e0e8-3c3d-92fd-f1cc7b3034b9,name=Provettino23123,properties={textures=[[email protected]]},legacy=false] (/ §5Da qua non si entra

    [22:47:02 INFO]: [email protected][id=29dc70d6-e0e8-3c3d-92fd-f1cc7b3034b9,name=Provettino23123,properties={textures=[[email protected]]},legacy=false] (/ lost connection: §5Da qua non si entra
  9. Oddio Fox sei italiano? Forse è meglio che parliamo direttamente . Contattami in privato
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  10. Problem solved! ThePabloDev answered all my questions
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